Are You Experiencing Homelessness? Need Help?

Call 2-1-1 anytime to access assistance in Kent County. A representative will connect you to the local intake process. If you live in another nearby county, you can still call 2-1-1 for information on how to find your local resources.

Keep your important documents safe (like birth certificates, photo IDs, proofs of income like pay stubs). When you get housing, you’ll need documents like identification and it can be faster if you don’t have to request them new.

If you don’t have the above items but are homeless, you can still call. Our housing system does not require people to have income or other requirements before you can get help.

Keep track of who you contact for help. You may have to “verify homelessness” by having professionals who can vouch that you were experiencing homelessness.

Unfortunately, our available housing resources are limited and we cannot always help everyone right away. Reach out to us for help, but also talk to friends, family, or other supports you may have to explore your options for help.

If you are looking for affordable housing you can visit which is a resource that is free to everyone and lists available rentals in the state.

Did you ever serve in the Armed Forces?

There may be additional resources available to you and you have more options of where to access them. You can reach out to any of the following locations:

Community Rebuilders
1120 Monroe NW, Suite 220
Grand Rapids MI 49503; 616-458-5102

Health Care for Homeless Veterans
620 Century Ave SW, #120
Grand Rapids, MI 49503; 616-356-1746

The Salvation Army Housing Assessment Program
1120 Monroe NW, Suite 220
Grand Rapids MI 49503; 616-454-5840

Volunteers of America Michigan
311 Fuller Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503; 877-509-8387

Local Housing Resources: Eligibility and Documentation Information

Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)

Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) & Prevention