HMIS Data Quality

The Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) is a tool for the community and HUD to develop better information on the nature of homelessness, the number of people experiencing homelessness, the existing patterns in housing programs and services, and the effectiveness of programs and services in addressing homelessness. HMIS must be used by the CoC and all recipients of HUD program funds.

The HMIS Data Quality Committee performs several important functions: insuring that the HMIS is administered in compliance with requirements prescribed by HUD, reviewing, revising, and recommending adoption of an HMIS privacy plan, security plan, and data quality plan, and ensuring the consistent participation of recipients and sub recipients in the HMIS.

The HMIS Data Quality Committee is responsible for on-going system wide analysis to identify strengths and gaps in the data system and for preparing and/or updating data quality standards for consideration by the Steering Council.

A subcommittee, the HMIS Users Group, is responsible for ensuring that all agency and program staff with responsibility for data entry are appropriately trained on system use and for assisting with formulation and periodic review of policy and procedures, such as the privacy plan.