Who We Are

The Grand Rapids Coalition to End Homelessness is a collaborative of more than 60 organizations, agencies, municipalities, and individuals who come together with the shared goal of ending homelessness. Our members are engaged and dedicated, serving on committees and workgroups to do the work needed to end homelessness.

Our Members


The Coalition has its roots in Kent County’s first coordinated approach to ensuring basic needs of residents were met, through the Essential Needs Task Force (ENTF) established in 1982. When the US Department of Housing and Urban Development required that any community receiving homeless assistance funding form a collaborative Continuum of Care (CoC), the ENTF subcommittee on housing was a natural fit. In September of 2021, the Coalition and Essential Needs Task Force clarified their relationship signifying that both groups will continue to partner closely with one another and will serve as Lead Convening Partners in their designated systems. The Grand Rapids/Wyoming/Kent County Continuum of Care goes by the name “Grand Rapids Area Coalition to End Homelessness.”

Homelessness in Kent County

Who is homeless in Kent County? For the majority of households, homelessness is a brief, one-time occurrence that they are able to resolve with just the help of family and friends. A smaller amount need a short amount of assistance while they get back on their feet, and an even smaller percentage will need longer-term assistance, especially if they have a disability.

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How to Join

Membership to the Coalition is free. Nonprofit, social service and governmental organizations or individual community members with lived experiences with homelessness may join as voting members. All meetings are open to the general public, with or without official membership. Voting members must reconfirm their commitment to this work annually by renewing their membership forms.
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