The strategic plan was created in 2021 out of a need to both create a collective vision and plan for addressing homelessness and to adopt an operating system that would equip us to achieve our vision. Read the strategic plan narrative report here.

Coalition Scorecard

The Coalition’s Top Vitals exist in coordination with a complimentary and more comprehensive set of vital metrics that further define success for the Coalition. The Coalition Scorecard and will provide the Coalition with a broader view of its aspirations and results. The Scorecard is be reviewed quarterly and annually to ensure a shared understanding of performance across the Coalition and enable ‘vital-informed’ learning and improvement.

View our the Scorecard here.

Coalition Compass

In order to achieve the mission and vision of the Coalition, every stakeholder must understand the core identity and purpose of the Coalition to End Homelessness. The Coalition Compass is the result of input from numerous stakeholders and serves as True North for the Coalition. It’s intended to be able to quickly align stakeholders and resources around a common direction and vision and to drive clarity into the unique identity and purpose of the Coalition. 

Scroll through the compass below to learn more about our mission, vision, and goals. On a mobile-device, view the mobile-friendly version here.