The Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness Annual Count looks at the number and demographics of persons experiencing literal homelessness. The following is a summary of local Annual Count data.

2019 Annual Count Data

Graphics and Analysis by Emily Madsen, Data Analyst at Kent County Essential Needs Task Force.

2018 Annual Count Data

In 2018 8,495 people experienced at least one episode of homelessness in Kent County.*

Of those 8,495, 41.4% (3,525) were adults 25 and over, 7.2% (611) were unaccompanied youth ages 18-24, 25.3% (2,151) were adults in families, 32% (2,722) were children in families, 4.7% (398) were Veterans, and 11.8% (1,006) were Seniors 55 years and older. **

64% identified as Black/African American, 32% identified as White, 1% identified at American Indian or Alaska Native, 1% identified as Other, and 2% are Unknown.

11% identified as Hispanic/Latinx and 89% identified as Non-Hispanic/Non-Latinx

In 2018, 971 people in Kent County experienced chronic homelessness.

The system performance measures reflect the following data:

  • LOT (Length of Time) Homeless – Emergency Shelter and Safe Haven – Average 60 days, Median 29 days (n=3,508, Reporting Dates: 10/1/2017 – 9/30/2018)
  • Exits to Permanent Housing: 1,837
  • Returns to Homelessness within 2 years: 19% (340)

*Data pulled from Grand Rapids/Wyoming/Kent County Continuum of Care’s Homeless Management Information System
**Some populations may cross over and therefore percentages may add up to more than 100%.