Family Functional Zero

Overarching Goals of the Family Functional Zero Committee

  1. Ensure family homelessness is rare, brief, non-recurring for Kent County residents.
  2. There is a coordinated community response in addressing the needs of Kent County residents.
  3. Obtain USICH designation for achieving the Goal of Ending Family Homelessness

Family Functional Zero Committee Purpose

  1. To Increase and build upon practices that house consumers faster
  2. To monitor BNL and ensure regular update and exits from homelessness
  3. To regularly review resources, needs and gaps
  4. To regularly review Equity Dashboards
  5. To monitor and map system flow

Family Functional Zero Workgroups

  1. Affordable Housing – Purpose & Goals
  2. Housing Stability & Support Services
  3. Supported Solutions
  4. Temporary Housing Accommodations

Family Functional Zero Data Dashboard

Click the above link to view the data dashboard for the family functional zero by-name list.

Community Partnership Agreement Form

Achieving functional zero requires a community of resources and support. This form is an opportunity for organizations and/or individuals to commit to reaching functional zero and to share which types of resources they can bring to the table. Are you ready to join the effort to end family homelessness? Please share the form within your organizations and with others who may be interested in joining this important work!