This is a community filled with caring people, and passion to help those in need. Homelessness as an epidemic arises out of complex social structures, with roots in poverty that can stretch back generations. Long lasting change in these structures require awareness of how policies and laws impact the most vulnerable and impoverished groups. Advocacy for investment in our social infrastructure with your elected officials can have the largest impact in preventing and ending homelessness. Follow our social media to learn about advocacy opportunities.

How to Join

Membership to the Coalition is free and open to anyone interested in the work. Nonprofit, social service and governmental organizations or individual community advocates or those with lived experiences of homelessness may join as voting members.

Members have access to the following:

  • Voting rights on CoC governance issues
  • Community data on progress toward reaching functional zero
  • Timely email updates and presentations on policy and funding changes at the local, state and federal level
  • Participation in system-wide strategy and direction for ending homelessness in Kent County
  • Clinics and workshops that promote best practices
  • Opportunities to network with those doing similar work to promote system building

All meetings are open to the general public, with or without official membership. Voting members must reaffirm their commitment annually by renewing their membership forms.

The Coalition is only as strong as its members are engaged. Membership is free and easy, just complete the application below and return it to CoC staff.

Fill out the membership application

Then plan on attending meetings and exploring where your skills best fit the needs of the community.


This work takes an entire community working together and celebrating achievements. These agencies are voting members, as well as many individual members who are or have experienced homelessness in their lives.