The CoC Program Competition NOFO (Notice of Funding Opportunity) has been released. Information regarding the competition and local funding process will be posted here as it becomes available.

The CoC Estimated Annual Renewal Demand (ARD) Report for Grand Rapids/Wyoming/Kent County CoC is as follows.

  • Preliminary Pro Rata Need (PPRN): $5,642,535
  • Estimated ARD: $7,911,136
  • Tier 1: $7,357,356
  • CoC Bonus: $553,780
  • DV Bonus: $564,254
  • CoC Planning: $395,557

CoC Consolidated Application 2023

The CoC Consolidated Application consists of two separately submitted applications: the CoC Application (which contains information about system strategies and performance data) and the Project Priority Listing (which contains the priority listing of community projects by local housing providers). The Project Priority Listing was approved by Steering Council on September 21, 2023.  Below is the CoC Application and Project Priority Listing for 2023 CoC Program Competition funding. The CoC Consolidated Application will be submitted to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) by 8:00pm on Thursday, September 28th. 

View the CoC Application here and the Project Priority Listing here.

FY23 Project Priority Listing

RankAgencyProjectProject TypeApplication TypeBudgetRunning Total
Tier 1
1The Salvation ArmyHousing Assessment ProgramRenewalSSO$228,488$228,488
2Central Territory of the Salvation ArmyCoordinated EntryRenewalSSO$210,139$438,627
3The Salvation ArmyCoordinated EntryRenewalSSO$65,950$504,577
4Heart of West Michigan United WayHMISRenewalHMIS$100,000$604,577
5Heart of West Michigan United WayHMIS 2New – ReallocatedHMIS$38,304$642,881
6Safe Haven MinistriesHousing Services for Domestic Violence SurvivorsRenewalJoint TH & PH-RRH$534,851$1,177,732
7Community RebuildersHousing SolutionsRenewalPSH$601,943$1,779,675
8Community RebuildersHEROESRenewalPSH$160,964$1,940,639
9Community RebuildersKeys FirstRenewalRRH$932,346$2,872,985
10Community RebuildersPACT (Partners Achieving Change Together)RenewalJoint TH & PH-RRH$1,359,615$4,232,600
11Community RebuildersShelter Plus CareRenewalPSH$1,746,060$5,978,660
12Community RebuildersLOFTRenewalPSH$416,082$6,394,742
13Heartside Nonprofit Housing CorporationVerne Barry PlaceRenewalPSH$157,720$6,552,462
14Heartside Nonprofit Housing CorporationFerguson ApartmentsRenewalPSH$63,000$6,615,462
15Grand Rapids Housing CommissionHope CommunityRenewalRRH$159,663$6,775,125
16Heartside Nonprofit Housing CorporationCommerce ApartmentsRenewalPSH$269,241$7,044,366
17YWCA West Central MichiganProject HEAL TH-RRHRenewalJoint TH & PH-RRH$313,414$7,357,780
Tier 2
17YWCA West Central MichiganProject HEAL TH-RRHRenewalJoint TH 7 PH-RRH$153,988$7,511,768
18YWCA West Central MichiganProject HEAL 2023RenewalTH$399,368$7,911,136
19Community RebuildersPACT ExpansionDV BonusJoint TH & PH-RRH$531,754$8,442,890
20Heart of West Michigan United WayDV + CE IntegrationDV BonusSSO$32,500$8,475,390
21Community RebuildersKeys First ExpansionGeneral BonusRRH$521,280$8,996,670
22Heart of West Michigan United WayHousing Assessment Program ExpansionGeneral BonusSSO$32,500$9,029,170
Not Ranked
N/AHeart of West Michigan United WayCoC Planning GrantPlanningPlanning$395,557$9,424,727

Local Applications – CLOSED August 28, 2023 at noon

The Grand Rapids Area Coalition to End Homelessness (Coalition) which serves as the Grand Rapids/Wyoming/Kent County Continuum of Care (CoC) – MI 506 invites applications under HUD’s FY 2023 Continuum of Care (CoC) Program Competition for renewal, new, and bonus projects at this time. The opening of this local competition for projects serving Kent County is in accordance with the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for the 2023 Continuum of Care Program by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The Coalition will concurrently consider both renewal project applications as well as new and bonus projects. The Coalition will submit one collaborative “Continuum of Care Application” for 2023 that reflects community-wide planning and performance. The score received for this application will be applied to funding requested for FY 2023 funds.

For FY 2023 renewal projects, the Coalition is eligible to apply to HUD for a maximum of $7,911,136, which constitutes the Annual Renewal Demand (ARD). The ARD is the total sum of all renewal projects eligible for renewal. This year, the Coalition is eligible to apply for a total of $553,780 in general CoC Bonus projects and a total of $564,254 in domestic violence bonus projects. All interested and qualified parties are invited to submit a new project application that will be reviewed and scored along with renewal projects.

Below you will find a detailed instructional document, application forms, application questions, scorecards, and relevant CoC policy documents that will be utilized to score project applications. Agencies should review the instructional document carefully prior to submitting an application.

Application Forms

Applications CLOSED August 28, 2023 at noon

Application Documents

Applications CLOSED August 28, 2023 at noon

Anticipated Timeline and Policy Documents

CoC FY2023 Local Funding Process Anticipated Timeline – Please note this timeline may change based on the timing of HUD’s release of the FY23 Annual Renewal Demand report and e-snaps applications.

Due DateTask Responsible Party
July 24, 2023Last day to indicate interest in voluntarily reallocating a CoC Program funded projectApplicants
August 4, 2023Local Project Applications releasedCoC Staff
August 8, 2023Renewal Project Presentations at CoC Membership Special MeetingApplicants, Funding Review Committee
August 28, 2023Local and E-Snaps Applications DueApplicants
August 30, 2023CoC Application Draft Posted Publicly CoC Staff
September 6, 2023Funding Review Committee meetsCoC Staff, Funding Review Committee
September 8, 2023Funding Review Committee Recommendations Shared with ApplicantsCoC Staff
September 13, 2023Public Feedback on CoC Application Due to CoC StaffCoC Members
September 14, 2023Appeals to Funding Review Recommendations DueApplicants
September 18, 2023Appeals Panel Meets (if required)Appeals Panel, CoC Staff
September 20, 2023Initial Project Priority Listing posted publiclyCoC Staff
September 20, 2023Final Funding and Ranking Recommendations Shared with Steering CouncilCoC Staff
September 22, 2023Steering Council Vote on Priority Listing RecommendationsSteering Council
September 26, 2023CoC Consolidated Application (CoC Application + Project Priority Listing) posted to websiteCoC Staff
September 28, 2023CoC Consolidated Application Submitted to HUDCoC Staff

CoC Program Competition Office Hours

  • Tuesday, August 15: 12:30 – 1:30pm
  • Tuesday, August 22: 12:30 – 1:30pm

Join Zoom Meeting

  • Meeting ID: 850 9027 1952
  • Passcode: CoC

Relevant Funding Policy Documents: