The CoC Program Competition NOFO (Notice of Funding Opportunity) has been released. The CoC Estimated Annual Renewal Demand (ARD) Report for Grand Rapids/Wyoming/Kent County CoC is as follows:

  • Preliminary Pro Rata Need (PPRN): $4,935,441
  • Estimated ARD: $7,245,269
  • CoC Bonus: $362,263
  •  DV Bonus: $740,376
  •  CoC Planning: $217,358

Instructional and Policy Documents

FY2021 Funding Process Timeline: CoC 2021 Funding Process Timeline

   Due DateTaskResponsible Party
 9/16/21Reallocation Meeting (for current CoC projects)CoC Staff, CoC Providers
 9/20/21Local Project Applications releasedCoC Staff
 10/5/21Local and E-Snaps Applications DueApplicants
 10/15/21Funding Review Committee Recommendations Shared with ApplicantsCoC Staff
 10/15/21CoC Application Draft Posted PubliclyCoC Staff, CoC Members
 10/22/21Appeals to Funding Review Recommendations DueApplicants
 10/26/21Appeals Panel Meets (if required)Appeals Panel
 10/28/21Funding and Ranking Recommendations Shared with Steering Council, Posted PubliclyCoC Staff
 11/4/21Public Feedback on Ranking and CoC Application Due to CoC StaffCoC Staff
 11/5/21Steering Council Vote on Priority Listing RecommendationsSteering Council
 11/11/21CoC Consolidated App and Priority Listing posted to websiteCoC Staff
 11/16/21CoC Application and Priority Listing Submitted to HUDCoC Staff

CoC Realloaction Policy: Reallocation Policy

CoC Appeals Policy: Funding_Appeal_Policy