UPDATE, 9/17/18: Local competition closed on 8/10/18. Consolidated Application – including CoC Application, Project Priority Listing, and all project applications – have been submitted to HUD via e-snaps. Response is expected by mid-January.

The Grand Rapids Area Coalition to End Homelessness (Coalition) invites applications under HUD’s FY 2018 Continuum of Care (CoC) Program Competition for renewal, new, and bonus projects at this time. The opening of this local competition for projects serving Kent County is in accordance with the Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for the 2018 Continuum of Care Program by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Each year, the Coalition and its partner agencies must reapply for the funding that provides much of the housing available to end homelessness in Kent County. Most projects seek to renew their funding, in order to provide housing stability to those they serve. To do so, they must demonstrate their effectiveness through project performance. All information provided by these applicants will be posted on this page, available for public viewing.

Additionally, there are opportunities for new applicants to apply for HUD funding. This year, the Coalition is eligible to apply for a total of $331,055 in permanent housing bonus projects and a total of $412,118 in domestic violence bonus projects. Additionally, all interested and qualified parties are invited to submit a new project application that will be reviewed and scored along with renewal projects. The ultimate goal of the Coalition is to fund projects that will house the most people, as quickly as possible, in the most effective manner possible.

Below you will find a detailed instructional document, relevant CoC policy documents, and application forms and scorecards that will be utilized to score project applications. Please review the instructional document carefully prior to submitting an application.

CoC Consolidated Application 2018

The CoC Consolidated Application consists of two separately-submitted applications: the CoC Application (which contains information about system strategies and performance data) and the Project Priority Listing (which contains the priority listing of community projects, as well as all submitted project applications by local housing providers). Below are the final applications submitted to HUD for the 2018 program funding competition, as well as the final Project Priority Order approved by the Steering Council and the initial draft of the Consolidated Application.

2018 CoC Application – Submitted Application

2018 Project Priority Listing – Submitted Application

2018 Project Priority Listing – Approved by Steering Council

Draft CoC Consolidated Application 8-20-18

Changes and edits were due to pleblanc@hwmuw.org by Friday, September 7th at 5 p.m.

Funding Review Panel Recommendations

Please email any feedback/comments on the Project Priority Listing to pleblanc@hwmuw.org by Thursday, September 6, 2018 at noon. Your feedback/comments will be shared with the Steering Council when they make their final decision on approval of the Project Priority Listing on Friday, September 7, 2018.

9-7-18 Steering Council Minutes

8-14-18 Funding Review Minutes

8-16-18 Funding Review Minutes

Link to Submitted Applications

Questions and Responses Related to the Local Application

Instructional and Policy Documents

FY 2018 Local Application Instructions: 2018 Local Application Instructions

FY 2018 Funding Process Timeline: CoC 2018 Funding Process Timeline

CoC Realloaction Policy: Reallocation Policy

Renewal Project Forms

FY 2018 Renewal Application: 2018LocalApp_Renewal

FY 2018 Renewal Application Scorecard: 2018LocalApp_Renewal_Scorecard

New and Bonus Project Forms

FY 2018 New and Bonus Application: 2018LocalApp_NewBonus

FY 2018 New and Bonus Application Scorecard: 2018LocalApp_NewBonus_Scorecard

Infrastructure Project Forms

FY 2018 Infrastructure Project Application: 2018LocalApp_Infrastructure

Appeals Forms

CoC Appeals Policy: Funding_Appeal_Policy

FY 2018 Appeals Application: 2018LocalApp_Appeals