Request for Qualifications: MSHDA ESG-CV

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The Grand Rapids/Wyoming/Kent County Continuum of Care (CoC) seeks qualified agencies to apply that propose usage of MSHDA ESG-CV for costs related to providing street outreach and operating emergency shelter to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus to protect the health and safety of people experiencing homelessness and reduce the risk of virus spread. The CoC has prioritized funding family and youth shelter that have shifted their traditional shelter models in order to prevent, prepare for and respond to coronavirus to protect the health and safety of people experiencing homelessness and reduce the virus spread, and street outreach activities.

Prioritized shelter activities are specified for family and youth households and include costs to de-populate existing shelters by identifying, leasing, and/or establishing alternative shelter locations and hotel/motel vouchers for households who are unable to access traditional emergency shelter facilities.

Qualified agencies may apply for up to $412,800 for eligible shelter activities and up to $103,200 for street outreach activities.

Please review the RFQ for additional guidelines and application instructions.

Applications are due no later than 8am on Monday, June 15, 2020 and should be emailed to Brianne Robach at and cc Courtney Myers-Keaton at

Questions regarding the application should be addressed to Courtney Myers-Keaton at no later than 12pm on Friday, June 12th. It is highly recommended that any agency who intends to apply contact the CoC to notify of intent.

Please note the following additions to the RFQ made on 6/11/2020

In the narrative section, please address the following:

  • If applying for shelter costs, please describe how the proposed project addresses COVID-19 mitigation.
  • If applying for street outreach costs, please describe the overall need for the proposed project and how the project intends to engage with the CoC Outreach workgroup and the HARA.   

Note: The Funding Review Committee will meet on Tuesday, June 16th from 10-11:30am. The CoC is requesting that applicants have a representative that can be available during this time to answer any potential questions members may have regarding their application.

Under required documentation: ESG-CV Memorandum of Understanding  (Attachment) – Applicants will fill out their agency information and sign/date. If selected, Heart of West Michigan United Way will complete the MOU and submit it as part of the application package.

Under evaluation criteria:

  • The extent to which the community need is clearly defined, and the proposed project addresses the need.
  • The extent to which the proposed project addresses gaps in service delivery.