Notice of Fund Availability – Request for Qualifications – MSHDA ESG-CV2

The Grand Rapids/Wyoming/Kent County Continuum of Care (CoC) seeks qualified agencies to apply that propose usage of MSHDA ESG-CV for costs related to providing rapid re-housing and operating emergency shelter to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus to protect the health and safety of people experiencing homelessness and reduce the risk of virus spread.

Qualified agencies may apply for up to $129,834 for eligible shelter activities and up to $181,767 for rapid re-housing. Costs are capped at 4% for administration and 10% for HMIS for any proposed project.

Please see the RFQ for more information.

Interested agencies shall send a letter of qualifications no later than 12pm on Monday, January 4 to Brianne Robach at and cc Courtney Myers-Keaton at addressing the following:

  • Describe project proposal and agency’s experience with similar projects.
  • Provide project budget with narrative, including total number of households and persons in households projected to be served.
  • Describe the implementation plan for spending, including expenditure schedule.
  • Describe how this funding will be leveraged with other agency funds to support homelessness prevention.
  • Describe case management model. Please include how the agency uses progressive engagement and a strengths-based approach in providing services. 
  • Indicate how services will utilize coordinated entry and the process for accepting referrals.
  • Describe how the agency currently utilizes HMIS and how data informs decision-making and planning for continuous quality improvement.
  • Identify other current agency funding (amounts and sources) for similar activities and how funding will be braided and/or coordinated with ESG-CV funds.
  • Describe how the agency has collaborated and/or coordinated with other partners in the community to meet the needs identified in the grant application.
  • Describe how the agency has previously engaged with the CoC and how the proposed project aligns with CoC priorities.
  • Describe the agency’s financial management practices/processes.
  • If applying for shelter costs, please describe how the proposed project addresses COVID-19 mitigation.

Questions regarding the application should be addressed to Courtney Myers-Keaton at no later than 12pm on Thursday, December 31st. It is highly recommended that any agency who intends to apply contact the CoC at the above e-mail address to notify of intent.