Funding Awarded in 2017

Over $5.5 million dollars have been awarded to continue efforts to end homelessness in Kent County through the 2017-2018 grant cycle. These grants are continued funding to projects already operating within Kent County, including one project initially awarded last year and just beginning its first year of operation, the Rapid Re-Housing Youth Collaborative.

Our community is proud to launch the Rapid Re-Housing Youth Collaborative – a partnership between Arbor Circle, Community Rebuilders, HQ and The Salvation Army to house homeless youth and families between the ages of 18 and 24. This project will help towards the efforts of ending youth homelessness in the county by 2020.

A goal for 2017 is to end homelessness for people who with disabilities who have been homeless for a year or longer. Projects dedicated to this cause include: Heartside Nonprofit Housing Corporation’s  Commerce Apartments, Ferguson Apartments, and Verne Barry Place; Community Rebuilders’ HEROES, Housing Solutions, and LOFT projects; Inner City Christian Federation’s ICCF PSH project; and two projects in partnership between Kent County and Community Rebuilders, Shelter Plus Care Sponsor-Based Rental Assistance (SRA) and Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (TRA).

Rapid Re-Housing projects in our community support the goal to end family homelessness by 2020 and serve the majority of people receiving assistance in the County. These projects are: Grand Rapids Housing Commission’s Hope Community project; Inner City Christian Federation’s RRH project; Community Rebuilders’ Keys First project as well as the aforementioned Rapid Re-Housing Youth Collaborative; and The Salvation Army’s Kindred Rapid Re-Housing project. One Transitional Housing project, Project HEAL of the YWCA, specializes in serving families and individuals fleeing from domestic violence.

Rounding out this assistance are grants to support infrastructure: The Salvation Army’s Coordinated Entry and Homeless Assistance Program projects provide support for people to access housing to end homelessness, the HMIS Dedicated Project supports efforts to record data and report on progress. The Heart of West Michigan United Way’s Planning Grant allows for staff to be allocated in the planning and coordination of this work.

For more information visit: FY 2016 Competition Grants

or contact Jesica Vail at or 616-752-8640