CoC Program Competition Timeline

    Due Date TaskResponsible Party
  8/9/19 Local Project Applications released CoC Staff
  8/23/19 Local and E-Snaps Applications Due Applicants
  8/27/19 Funding Review Committee Meetings – Scoring/Ranking Funding Review Committee, CoC Staff
  9/3/19 Funding Review Committee Recommendations Shared With Applicants CoC Staff
  8/20/19 CoC Application Draft Posted Publicly; the draft is available on the 2019 CoC Program Competition Page CoC Staff, CoC Members
  9/6/19 Appeals Due Applicants
9/9/19 Changes Due in E-Snaps Applications Applicants
  9/11/19 Appeals Panel Meets (if required) Appeals Panel
  9/13/19 Funding and Ranking Recommendations Shared with Steering Council, Posted Publicly CoC Staff
  9/19/19 Public Feedback on Ranking and CoC Application Due to CoC Staff CoC Staff
  9/20/19 Steering Council Vote on Priority Listing Recommendations Steering Council
  8/20/19 – 9/25/19 Improvement to CoC Application CoC Staff, CoC Members
  9/25/19 CoC Application and Priority Listing Submitted to HUD CoC Staff

*Bolded lines have changed since the initial release of the timeline.

The CoC Estimated Annual Renewal Demand (ARD) Report for Grand Rapids/Wyoming/Kent County CoC is as follows:

  • The Preliminary Pro Rata Need (PPRN): $4,184,043
  • Estimated ARD: $6,131,861
  • Estimated ARD at 94% (Tier 1): $5,789,536
  • CoC Bonus: $306,593
  • DV Bonus: $418,404
  • CoC Planning: $183,956

Local Applications were released on 8/9/19. Applications can be found here. The CoC encourages ALL agencies serving people experiencing homelessness to apply during the local competition and welcomes new partners to join the growing community of CoC-funded agencies!  Eligible applicants are:

  • Nonprofit organizations
  • States and local governments
  • Public housing agencies

For profit organizations are NOT eligible to apply or to be subrecipients of grants.

Read more about this year’s NOFA requirements on the HUD Exchange website.

*All projects, including Renewal Projects, New/Bonus Projects, and Domestic Violence Bonus Projects will be competitively ranked based on competition policies and the final ranking will be approved by Steering Council. HUD will make the final decision on which projects will be awarded. *

New Project Funding Available:

New CoC General Bonus Funds:

Up to $306,593 available for program components eligible for funding in the FY19 CoC NOFA

  • Permanent Housing-Permanent Supportive Housing (PH-PSH) projects.
  • Permanent Housing-Rapid Re-housing (PH-RRH) projects.
  • Joint TH and PH-RRH component projects.
  • Dedicated HMIS project for the costs at 24 CFR 578.37(a)(2) that can only be carried out by the HMIS Lead, which is the recipient or subrecipient of an HMIS grant, and that is listed on the HMIS Lead form in the CoC Applicant Profile in e-snaps. Additionally, if the CoC has organizations within its geographic area that are Victim Service Providers, the HMIS Lead, or subrecipient, may request HMIS funds for a comparable database. Victim Service Providers may also request HMIS funds in their project application budgets to enter data into a comparable database.
  • Supportive services only (SSO-CE) project to develop or operate a centralized or coordinated assessment system.

New Domestic Violence Bonus Funds:

Up to $418,404 available for:

  • Rapid Re-housing (PH-RRH) projects that demonstrate trauma-informed, victim centered approaches.
  • Joint TH and PH-RRH component projects that demonstrate trauma-informed, victim-centered approaches.
  • SSO Projects for Coordinated Entry (SSO-CE) to implement policies, procedures, and practices that equip the CoC’s coordinated entry to better meet the needs of people experience homelessness who are survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking (e.g., to implement policies and procedures that are trauma-informed, client centered or to better coordinate referrals between the CoC’s coordinated entry and the victim service providers coordinated entry system where they are different).

Existing CoC Funded Partners:

Currently funded CoC projects may request New CoC Bonus funds through requesting:

  • Expansion Funds: Renewal project applicant submits a new project application to expand its current operations.
  • Transition Grant: Use the reallocation process to transition an eligible renewal project from their original component to another eligible component through a new project application.

Please contact for any questions about this year’s process or application.