This document is for agencies that are participants of HMIS and would like to add a new user. If you are unsure that your agency is a participant to HMIS, please review How To Participate In HMIS document.

Before a user can get access to HMIS, the user and your Agency Administrator would have to complete the follow steps below.

Steps For The New User

  1. Connect with your Agency Administrator and/or supervisor for the User Training Checklist
  2. Create an account on the HMIS Learning Center Site. (For more information on the HMIS Learning Center Site, check out the HMIS Learning Center – Getting Started Guide)
  3. Complete all the required HMIS Training Courses and save all certificates. The courses that the user must complete is based on the HMIS Role Type the Agency Administrator and/or supervisor assigns.
  4. If you would like to follow along with the training videos or/and test out the different functions in HMIS, user can gain access to the HMIS Training Site. Users DO NOT have to complete any HMIS training before gaining access to the Training Site. User that are interested in gaining access would have to contact your Agency Administrators and/or supervisor on steps to access the Training Site.
  5. Read and sign the User Agreement and save documents with certificates.
  6. Connect with Agency Administrator and submit all required materials.

Steps For The Agency Administrator

  1. Assist the use with completing the required training videos.
  2. Connect with user to review the User Training Checklist and make sure user completed all required trainings.
  3. Sign the User Agreement.
  4. Connect with Executive Director of your Agency to sign the User Agreement.
  5. Collect all the users completed training certificates. Make sure the training certificates and user agreement document is internal saved at your agency
  6. Complete a User Request Form for new user participating in HMIS. Include all the training certificates and a sign copy of the use agreement. If you are not able to attach the documents on the form, please send documents to HMIS Support Help Desk –
  7. Send a message to the HMIS Support Help Desk, to inform us that your agency is interested in adding a new user on HMIS.

Once steps are completed, please allow System Administrator to create user account within 24 – 48 prior to the request.

If the new user would like, Agency Administrators can request new user to have access to the HMIS Training Site. To request a user to gain access to the HMIS Training Site, contact the HMIS Support Help Desk –