What are HMIS Role Types?

HMIS Role Types are different levels of access granted to the user. Role Types allows users to use specific functions on ServicePoint. Agency Administrators can submit a request to change a user’s HMIS Role Type. To request a change in an existing user’s HMIS Role Type, Agency Administrators can contact the CoC System Administrators at HMIS Support Help Desk.

What HMIS Role Types Are Available?

Common HMIS Role Types

  • Volunteer – Users can look up clients, complete service transactions and complete referrals. Volunteer users are NOT able to view or enter entry/exit assessment on client profile. Users are not able to have an ART licenses and do not have the ability to run System Stock Reports.
  • Read Only (I & II) – Users are only able to lookup client records and view the information within the record. Read Only Users can run and view data from ART Reports and Stock System Reports. Users are NOT able to enter, update or delete any information on the client record. The most common Read Only user assigned is Read Only II.
  • Case Manager (I, II & III) – Users can look up the client record and enter client information on profile, such as complete entry/exit assessments, make referrals to another agency, create service transactions, enter client notes and more. Case Managers can run Stock System Reports and ART Reports. The most common Case Manager user assigned is Case Manager II.
  • Agency Administrator – This user is the point or contact person who will receive updates and notification from CoC staff about HMIS. Also, the Agency Administrator has more HMIS capabilities than other users. These users can perform the same functions as the role of a Case Manager. In addition, users can shadow HMIS users underneath the provider tree that is assigned. It is highly recommended that Agency Administrators have an ART license added to their user profile.

Note: Case Managers and Read Only users do not have the same permission settings as an Agency Administrator. If the Agency Administrator or supervisor would like Case Manager or Read Only Users to run Stock System Reports and/or ART Reports, the user should consult with the Agency Administrator before making additional changes to client profile.

Additional HMIS Role Types

Here is a list of the additional HMIS Role Types available on HMIS.

  • Activity Specialist I, II & III
  • Agency Staff
  • CallPoint Specialist
  • Executive Director
  • Resource Specialist I. II & III
  • System Operator
  • System Administrator I