System Coordination

The System Coordination Committee is responsible for working with the community to carry out the goals set forth in the CoC’s strategic plan based on the Vision to End Homelessness. The primary committee role is to ensure that the Coalition continues to strengthen coordination and implementation of a comprehensive system to address the needs of the homeless population and subpopulations. Following approval of the strategic plan by the Steering Council and CoC membership, the System Coordination Committee is then responsible for assigning workgroups to address the plan objectives and providing a forum within the committee for regular reporting of workgroup progress. Other workgroups may be formed from needs identified by service providers or may form organically based on identification of common interests in improving the system and these workgroups may approach the System Coordination Committee to be integrated into the reporting and information sharing process of the committee. The committee is responsible for reporting to the Steering Council on a regular basis regarding implementation of the comprehensive system to address homelessness.


Erin Banchoff - City of Grand Rapids -
Lisa Cruden - Family Promise -
Rebecca Diffin - YWCA -
Tom Feeney - Fosters Forward -
Jameela Maun - the Salvation Army -
Karen Leppek - Area Agency on Aging -
Alonda Miller - Dwelling Place -
Sue Ortiz - ICCF -
Alison Schuyler - Heartside Ministry -